Infrastructure Development

In driving the local infrastructure development aimed at readying the country for quality, habitable, world-class and affordable infrastructure demand in an upper middle income economy, attainment of which is projected to be ahead of schedule, owing to various government policies, the company has partnered with local corporates in the built and allied industry under the association called ZBCA (Zimbabwe Builders Contractors Association) to compliment government’s and local authorities’ efforts on infrastructure development.

On Urban regeneration, we closely work with senior citizens who holds large properties in strategic suburbs and have had their pension and savings eroded due to hyper-inflation that affected the country as a result of various indigenous and exogenous factors included, to secure funding for redesigning and restructuring the properties into high rental yield properties.

Infrastructure Projects

  1. SMEs workspace
  2. Cluster homes development
  3. Schools Development
  4. Housing Development
  5. Urban regeneration
  6. Bulky pure water production and distribution
  7. Amusement parks and sporting facility
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