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Alinial Chartered Accountants is a leading chartered accounting firm founded by Mr. Samuel Makuvire (CA) Z RPA and Mr Last Matema (CA) Z, RPAcc. With a combined experience of over 30 years in the advisory and allied industry, Alinial has become a trusted name for providing audit, tax, advisory and projects capital raising services to its clients. The firm has a team of highly skilled and qualified professionals who offer personalized services to meet the individual needs of their clients.

Alinial Chartered Accountants is committed to providing timely and accurate financial information to help its clients make informed business decisions. With a focus on delivering client satisfaction, the firm has built a reputation for excellence and integrity.

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Our Vision

To be a leading modern global professional services firm for micro, small and medium enterprises in Africa and beyond aligned to jurisdictional economic policies.

Our Mission

  • To provide the highest level of professional services, to meet our clients’ needs through mutual financial success.
  • To maintain integrity and honesty in everything we do.
  • To provide for the development, growth and accountability of our team members by offering opportunities to achieve personal and professional
  • To maintain an environment that encourages giving back to the community and our nation at large.

Our Values

  • Integrity matters
  • Our people matters
  • Our clients matters
  • Teamwork matters
  • Environment Matters
  • Our country matters
  • Our Government  matters

Our mission is to partner with businesses to provide solutions that support growth.

Alinial Chartered Accountants is a partner to MSMEs, through their various legally registered business assosciations, helping them cut through the complexity of doing business in a rapidly changing and highly regulated business environment by finding innovative solutions to the challenges they face.

Alinial was founded by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs. As a team of highly experienced and professional accountants, we have dedicated our careers, not only to “crunching” numbers but to helping MSMEs build a system of controls and processes within their businesses to ensure sustainable growth, good governance, and best practice.

From cash flow budgeting, project accounting, and inventory management, through to integrated bank feeds, payment software, and debtor’s management. Technology has simplified our financial process and provides operational support to our clients on demand. MSMEs can now have streamlined processes and automated workflows, which ultimately leads to better efficiency and higher profitability.


We partner with you, we don’t throw costs, concerns and problems at you. Our approachable and trusted people spend time with you to understand where you are in your accounting journey so we can manage your finances for a sustainable and profitable future.


With your data we can do more than just your accounting, we can transform your processes, improve your admin and make your life easier. We will help you automate, transform and refine your finances, data and business operations.


Our muscle-bound accounting teams and systems will take on the heavy lifting of your accounting, taxes, compliance, and admin. Why does it yourself when we can do it for you? This is where we shine.


Want to manage your data brilliantly? Want to ignite business growth but need more visibility? We’ve got the answer to these questions – yes you do, and yes, we can help you do it right now! We can take your data and transform it into insights today.

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